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About Me

Hey there! You probably know me from my recordings on YouTube! I'm Paul Fey and I was born in 1998 in a small town near Leipzig. I've always loved playing music, especially because of the way it can connect people, and the feelings it can communicate.

My music education started when I was in kinder garden and my parents signed me up for 'early music education', which included some basic rhythm lessons and playing the recorder. I really enjoyed making music, so we decided the next step would be to start me with classical guitar lessons during my first grade at primary school. About one year later, I’d also discovered the magic of piano music. From then on, I began to play both of these instruments for the next ten years or so. As I grew older, I was eventually introduced to the pipe organ at our local church - which caught my attention almost immediately! I went on to practise and experiment on this instrument for several hours at a time, never once getting tired of all the possible combinations of the different timbres. The pipe organ increasingly gripped my full attention, so I put the guitar lessons ‘on hold’ in order to get my first organ lessons from A. F. Kipping, as well as later studying with Stefan Kießling (the former Assistant Organist at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig).


Before going on to study organ and sacred music full time at the specialist university in Halle (Saale), I completed a three-year training course in office administration with a huge television broadcaster in Germany - which certainly fuelled my love for video production and editing even more!


Apart from recording videos for my YouTube channel, and video production for friends and family, I have been playing organs all over the Leipzig region for workshops and concerts - including services at St. Thomas Church, Leipzig, as well as the newly built Propsteikirche, Leipzig, and all the other surrounding churches.


I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me and my work. Please feel free to get in touch with me via email or my YouTube channel!


Have a good day!


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