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We are special, because:

  • Refreshing Music

    Find new, quality music for pipe organ which is fast to learn and fun to play!

  • Easy to Perform

    Our Music is accessible for everyone - you can learn a new piece in less than 1 hour.

  • Made with Love

    All Pieces are written by Paul Fey, an organist from Leipzig, working at St. Thomas Church.

Our Latest Collection:

What's Included?

The Festive Collection 2 features 10 exciting pieces which fit the season perfectly:

• Powerful Preludes & Postludes

• Works on small instruments

• Made for all skill levels - learn a new piece within an hour!

This collection has you covered with the best music for the season. Get the Digital version, download it and start practicing right now!


• Festive March in C-Major


• Fanfare on 'NETTLETON'

• Fanfare on 'SALZBURG'

• Fanfare on 'HYMN TO JOY'

• Triumphal March

• Echo Piece on 'If Thou but Trust in God'

• Fantasie on 'Now Thank We All Our God'

• Concerto in C-Major

• Toccata in G-Major

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does shipping take?

We are able to ship all of our printed music books & CDs on the same day you order them. To arrive, they need:

・ 1 or 2 days in Germany

・ 2 to 5 days within Europe

Our Free Priority Shipping to the United States takes 7-12 days.

How to track my order?

We are shipping all of our music books & CDs with Priority shipping which does not allow to track to package or the status of your order directly.

If you'd like to have a detailed tracking option, please select the 'tracking shipping option' on checkout and you will receive a tracking-id once your order has been shipped.

Other Questions
Are there other payment options?

If you are not using any of the payment options this store offers, please get in touch with us directly to find another solution. We are also able to accept (international) bank transfers and other payment options.

I've ordered the wrong book. Help?

No worries! Please get in touch with us via our contact form and we are happy to change your order for you. Please don't forget to let us know your order number.

I don't like the book I've ordered.

If you don't enjoy playing the music you've ordered you can simply request a full refund of your purchase. We are offering a no-questions-asked refund policy which will guarantee you to get your money back if you should have any complaints or problems with the sheet music you've ordered.

Please get in touch with us directly via the contact form.

Our Customers love them!

About me

Hi, my name is Paul Fey! You probably know me from my recordings on YouTube where I'm running an organ music channel which is very popular.

I'm a young musician living in Leipzig, Germany, working as on of the organists & choir members at St. Thomas Church.

I was often struggling to find fitting music for all the church services I was playing. That's when I decided to write some of my own music down and make it available to the public as well.

All the collections I'm publishing are focussed on the 'normal' organist who doesn't have much time to prepare new music for each Sunday. I'm doing my best to keep my music quick to learn and fun to play while still ensuring that it is quality music. I hope you are enjoying these pieces.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions!

Can I play your music? Or is it too hard?

Organ Music should be accessible! That's why I can assure you that I'm trying my best to ensure that all my pieces are accessible to beginners as well! I'm usually giving complimentary copies of my music to my organ students and the love it.

If you should feel that a piece you've bought is challenging or too hard to play, please get in touch - we're happy to refund or exchange your purchase!

Are you shipping to the United States?

We are offering premium shipping worldwide, also including the United States of America! Shipping times range anywhere from 6-12 days depending on the State you are living in. If you order sheet music which is $50 or more you'll even get priority shipping for free!

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