Shipping Times

Digital Products / PDF Sheet Music

Thank you for your purchase! If you've purchased a digital product / PDF Sheet Music file, it will be delivered almost instantly via email and the checkout window. The store usually takes about a minute to prepare your download. If you have any problems with downloading the file please contact us!

Physical Products / Printed books:

We are using the DHL & Deutsche Post shipping service which is one of the most reliable shipping providers in the world.

After completing checkout we'll receive a notification that you've bought a printed book. We're usually preparing the order on the same day, delivering it to the post office in the afternoon.

You can expect delivery within Germany in 1-2 days and Europe in 2-5 days. Shipping to the United States takes about 7-12 days, depending on the State you live in. Worldwide shipping (e.g. Australia, Japan,..) usually takes the same amount of time. If there should be any problems with shipping please get in touch and we'll find a solution!

With busy special occasions including (but not limited to) Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas, ETA might extend a few days longer.

Order Tracking:

We are not able to provide you with a tracking number for your oder since the standard shipping method we are using does not support that. If you'd like to receive a tracking number, please get in touch to book a premium shipping method.