Hi there, my name is..

Paul Fey

You probably know me from my recordings on YouTube! I was born in 1998 near Leipzig and always loved playing music, especially because of the way it can connect people, and the feelings it can communicate.

My music education started when I was in kinder garden and my parents signed me up for 'early music education'. I really enjoyed making music, so we decided the next step would be to start me with classical guitar lessons during my first grade at primary school. About one year later, I’d also discovered the magic of piano music. When I was about 15 years old I was eventually introduced to the pipe organ at our local church - which caught my attention almost immediately! I went on to practise and experiment on this instrument for several hours at a time, never once getting tired of all the possible combinations of the different timbres.

After studying organ and sacred music full time at the specialist university in Halle (Saale) I'm now a full time musician, composer and 'Youtuber'. Furthermore I was appointed as one of the organists at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, also working with the choirs there.